Mobile Payments: Overview page.



Add your credit card onto your device to pay.

Google Pay works with a wide-array of the latest Android devices. Pick your favorite and then add your card to make mobile purchases with just a tap.

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Google Pay

You can use your compatible Android device to make credit card payments with your credit card. It's secure and convenient—and gives you another option for how to pay.

Pay with a tap

No need to hand over your credit card. After you have set up Google Pay, you simply unlock your phone and hold it near the retailer's contactless terminal. It's just that easy.

  • Use Google Pay wherever you see its symbol or the contactless payments symbol.
    Google Pay    Universal contactless card symbol
  • It's also simple to use Google Pay inside many popular apps. No need to remember a password - just use Google Pay to pay instantly.
  • Your card includes 24-Hour Fraud Protection - adding another layer of protection.

Getting started

Google Pay makes mobile payments a breeze.

  1. The app is preinstalled on many devices.  But, if it isn't installed, download it from the Google Play store.

  2. Add your card. Open the app, tap the + sign and follow the instructions.

  3. With the card added, you're now ready to use Google Pay. Just unlock your phone and hold it over the terminal to pay.

Tracking purchases

It's easy to keep track of your Google Pay purchases.

  • A payment confirmation will appear on your phone immediately following a purchase.
  • You're able to look up recent transactions easily.

Want to go back and look at something? No problem. It's easy to look at any of your recent Google Pay transactions.

And since all Google Pay purchases appear automatically on your device, you'll be able to spot suspicious activity quickly.