Mobile Payments: Overview page.



Add your credit card onto your device to pay.

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Make safe and simple mobile payments with the latest Samsung devices.

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Samsung Pay

It's simple to pay using your credit card and your Samsung phone or watch. Now instead of swiping your card, you can use your device to make your purchase for you.

  • Features built-in Samsung KNOX™ security.
  • Setup is a breeze—you'll be ready to go in minutes.

Focused on security

Samsung Pay encrypts your credit card information as soon as you add it. Your card number becomes a virtual card number—so no retailer will have access to your information:

  • Samsung KNOX technology monitors inside the app for malicious activity.
  • Your fingerprint authorizes each payment. So you're always in control.
  • Your card also includes 24-Hour Fraud Protection—to add even more peace of mind.

Setting up

It only takes a few minutes to properly set up Samsung Pay on your device.

  1. Get the app.  The Samsung Pay app is pre-installed on many devices.  If it isn't pre-installed on yours, download it from the Google Play store.

  2. Set up your account. If it's your first time using Samsung Pay, a short instructional video will play. To set up your account, simply follow the instructions.

  3. Add your card. Next, open the Samsung Pay app and touch "ADD." Then, using your phone's camera, add your credit card.

  4. Pay with your device. Samsung Pay works at any retailer where you'd normally swipe your card. Hold your device near a terminal and authorize the transaction on your phone with a fingerprint, or tap to pay with your watch.